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In 2015, the IPOs we rated good or better produced a 40.56%  average first day return versus a 15.70% overall average.
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Investing in IPO’s can boost a portfolios performance. Secondary offerings can also enhance portfolio returns, or provide a liquidity event to start or increase a position. The challenge arises in the time and resources necessary to sift through what at times may be an overwhelming amount of “deal” flow.  SyndicateTrader is the investment professional’s single source solution to manage this problem.
With a comprehensive calendar, book reads, company profiles, financial estimates, comps, and independent analysis, SyndicateTrader
will save you time and money.
Clients often request syndicate information that you do not always have access. SyndicateTrader will keep you informed so you can “stay on top of your game”.
SyndicateTrader allows Accredited Investors access to information many of their brokers do not have.